Design & Development

Web app

Democratize the Australian Real Estate market.

We were brought on to design & build the BLOCX web app. The goal being to help buyers/sellers to effectively match with their ideal real estate agent in a non-biased, value oriented manner.


BLOCX’s goal is to democratize Real Estate and become the most trusted brand in the industry. BLOCX empowers home owners to feel a sense of trust, control, safety and security in the home selling process. BLOCX also empowers agents to deliver an outstanding experience every time with quality and outstanding service being a key focus across the platform. Last but not least, making a positive contribution to the communities they operate within.


We were set out to make the “matching” process as seamless and easy as possible. Using an onboarding flow for both user and agent side, we promptly collect information on what they are selling, qualities of an agent they are looking for, what they value, etc. Using the data we collect on both sides, we build a matching algorithm that will give the user their list of recommended agents. From there it is into the agent’s hands to contact and manage the lead through the platform.

Original Scope

(without creme)

To build this platform with full stack development would require bringing on an equity owning CTO. That CTO would have to build a product team not limited to: designers, developers, a product manager, and a QA specialist. Hiring, training, and building this product would take between 12-18 months with a budget of $500,000 AUS - $1,000,000 AUS.


BLOCX engaged with us for our design process and ability to create immaculate user interfaces/experiences. By the middle of June, BLOCX kicked off the 10 week project, separating the project into three main phases.

Phase One - User Research and Concepting
- Research Australian Real Estate market, and identify key personas
- Gather requirements and information to make assure Real Estate agents are capable of using Blocx to best of their abilites
- Understand what a home buyer/seller looks for when looking for a Real Estate Agent
- Research other Real Estate market related apps, and alternative ways to find a Real Estate agent

Phase Two - Web-App UI/UX Design
In this phase, we create UX strategy and various design prototypes to be tested and deployed, including:
- Documented UX strategy & user flows (for agent & user side)
- Design wireframes for review and approval based on the research gathered, for feedback, and iteration
- High fidelity design prototypes for user testing

Phase Three - Bubble Development
Develop the full fledged platform with, while making it responsive across all devices (Computer, Tablet, Mobile).
- API Setup (Buyapowa, etc)
- Backend & Frontend Workflows
- Responsiveness
- Data Setup & Structuring
- Hosting & Setup

Take A Look

The Future

Post launch, BLOCX has brought us as their virtual Product Team. We are now responsible for the ongoing support of the platform, product development, as well as ongoing UI/UX enhancements and optimization.