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Help small to medium size businesses manage change.

Plus Delta 314 engaged with us to design & build a change management platform, that helps companies, plan, strategize, communicate, and track changes.


Plus Delta 314's came to us with a goal of building the solution for small to medium sized business (25-250 employees) that need to implement and manage changes better internally. Change management is often an overlooked sector of businesses that tend to be scrappy and un-informative to teams with drive towards many different goals.


Build a web app that helps small to medium sized business owners to take control of the chaos of change and improve communications, and give access to the Plus Delta 314 team that includes coaching and resources catered towards becoming a better manager and internal staffing expert.

Original Scope

(without creme)

To build this platform with full stack development would require a product team not limited to: designers, developers, a product manager, and a QA specialist. Hiring, training, and building this product would take between 12-18 months with a budget of $200,000 USD - $500,000 USD.


Plus Delta 314 engaged with us to create a beautiful user interface and experience for the tool. We kicked off the 10 week project, separating the project into three main phases.

Phase One - User Research and Concepting
- Research and interact with the best change management tools and services available
- Gather requirements and information to make assure teams will be able to use the platform intuitively
- Understand what a are key factors in successful change management

Phase Two - Web-App UI/UX Design
In this phase, we create UX strategy and various design prototypes to be tested and deployed, including:
- Documented UX strategy & user flows (for manager & user side)
- Design wireframes for review and approval based on the research gathered, for feedback, and iteration
- High fidelity design prototypes for user testing

Phase Three - Bubble Development
Develop the full fledged platform with, while making it responsive across all devices (Computer, Tablet, Mobile).
- API Setup
- Backend & Frontend Workflows
- Responsiveness
- Data Setup & Structuring
- Hosting & Setup

Take A Look

The Future

Tabetha Silver, Founder & CEO of Plus Delta 314 has launched and is currently hosting the platform for free to help small to medium size businesses with 25 - 250 employees manage change better.