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Ratio is the most cost effective payment processing platform in Canada.

Simplify the way in which consumers pay and are payed their bills.

Current Landscape:

If you are a small to medium sized business (SMB) owner, you know that invoices are a nightmare. Invoices are spread across multiple different mediums such as: paper, email, and electronic. On top of this, each vendor has their own preferred payment method rangin from cheques, to bank transfers, to EFT, and many more. The same can be said for invoicing your own customers, which has added even more complexity and responsibilities to SMB owners who just want to grow their business. There are digital solutions out there, but none that fully serve the Canadian SMB market. These solutions either do not have access to all the payment rails that SMB owners need, or have a unintuitive user experience, and in some cases both apply. This is where Ratio steps in.

There were 3 keys to success to make the Ratio platform successful:
1. Ratio needs to allow SMB owners to pay and get paid faster than other solutions
2. Ratio needs to be easy to use
3. Ratio needs to be more cost effective than the closest competition The first two elements were a design & user experience focused problem, and the third was a production/cost problem.


When we began working with Ratio we identified all of the competitors and studied their flows to understand where we could improve and reduce the time necessary to operate. Similar competitors in the space had blocky, slow and confusing experiences. This creates a user experience that is redundant, and difficult to update. Within a month of prototyping, we had built a flow that allowed an SMB owner to pay or get paid, in the fastest and most intuitive way available on the market.


Ratio needed to be more cost effective than the closest competition, meaning competition that could serve all the Canadian payment rails. Now it’s very easy to undercut the competition, after all you can always decide what your pricing is, but doing so in a cost effective manner is the crucial part. That’s why we built this in Bubble. Since we used Bubble, we were able to integrate multiple API's into the platform. This allows users to pay and get paid via their bank account, credit card, or cheque. SMB owners can now streamline receiving and sending payments all in one place. Using a no-code solution like Bubble allowed us to create Ratio in 1/10th the time, which means 1/10th the development cost, without sacrificing UI/UX or functionality. With the production cost extremely low, Ratio was able to launch their MVP to be far more cost effective than the competition. Ratio was able to test and validate their market and hypotheses faster than ever before. Their customers were able to give them a “yes or no” on the product within the first couple months of inception. This led to Ratio raising $2 million to begin building the internal team and marketing the product to the wider Canadian market.