February 19, 2023
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5 Successful No-Code Startups (pt. 2)

5 Successful No-Code Startups (pt. 2)

No-Code is Empowering Success

No-code development has helped countless entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises build their vision. Whether that be from creating a product or accelerating pre-existing operations, the possibilities are endless. By enabling rapid market testing and profound cost and time savings, no-code solutions allow you to thrive. Previously, we outlined the top 5 most successful no-code startups (click here to read). Now, with the continued prosperity of this development method, we will outline 5 more successful no-code startups—illustrating the power and capabilities you can achieve without technical skills.

Today’s Highlighted Startups:

Previously Highlighted Startups:
  • Dividend Finance
  • Comet
  • BloomTech
  • Teal
  • Plato

1. Swapstack


Company Description: launched in 2021 by Jacob Schonberger and Jake Singer, Swapstack was built directly using no-code. Swapstack enables newsletter writers to monetize their publications in various ways. They provide pre-approved affiliate deals and sponsorship opportunities, essentially enabling a new channel which advertisers can grow their company with. Simply put, Swapstack is making it easier for creators to monetize and for brands to find their perfect audiences. Just recently, Swapstack was acquired by Beehiiv to build the world's largest and most sophisticated newsletter ad network.

Key Facts & Figures:

  • $20,000/month earned
  • 1000+ creators monetized
  • $2M+ earned by those creators
  • 60 million readers reached per week
  • Acquired by Beehiiv

Use of no-code tools: Airtable, Zapier, and Slack

2. Scribly Media


Company Description: Scribly Media (formerly is a content marketing agency that helps users boost traffic, generate leads, and increase their bottom line. With their end-to-end services, Scribly Media takes care of everything: content audits, strategy, content creation, and management across blogs, socials, and emails. Through Scribly Media’s platform, built with no-code, users can build brand awareness, establish trust and credibility, nurture customer relationships drive organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, and increase conversions and revenue.

Key Facts & Figures:

  • $30K monthly recurring revenue (within a year)
  • Only cost $200 to start

Use of no-code tools: Webflow, Airtable, and Google Docs

3. BetterLegal


Company Description: BetterLegal is a one-stop shop for your new business. They handle all the necessary filings and generate custom legal documents, enabling businesses to become official in just two days. This platform, built with no-code, is widely considered the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive way to set up your business online. BetterLegal is democratizing the ability to create businesses worldwide.

Key Facts & Figures:

  • On track to have an annual recurring of $1 million this year
  • 15,000+ businesses formed

Use of no-code tools: Bubble, Typeform, Zapier, Asana, WebMerge, Salesforce

4. Flexiple


Company Description: using their exclusive network, custom assessments, and AI-powered search capabilities, Flexiple is a 1-stop solution for hiring dream talent in full-time or contract roles. As noted by Flexiple themselves, hiring was not meant to be a complex maze of uncertainty, pain, and wasted time. Instead, they have fixed that—creating a simple, smart, and efficient way to do so. Regardless of your hiring needs, Flexiple delivers a tailored solution through its mission-driven pool of developers & designers.

Key Facts & Figures:

  • $3 million in annual revenue
  • $6 Million paid to hires on their platform
  • 40,000+ hrs of time saved for users

Use of no-code tools: Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, Webflow,

5. LetterHunt


Company Description: LetterHunt helps you discover thousands of niche newsletters and their creators. This platform, built with no-code hosts information about 10,000+ newsletters across 20+ categories. This allows users to connect with a large database of active newsletters and ultimately promote their product in an optimal way. With their one-click outreach through Twitter direct messages and email, LetterHunt is making it easy for users to achieve their goals.

Key Facts & Figures:

  • 10k+ active newsletters
  • $4,000 in just 2 months
  • #1 Product of the Week on ProductHunt

Use of no-code tools: Softr

Do the Same With a No-Code Agency

The success of these five startups is a powerful testament to the endless capabilities of no-code. You can leverage outstanding and transformative benefits by developing products through a no-code agency. By saving time and money, you can gain a competitive edge and thrive in your respective industry without sacrificing quality.

No-code is not a bargain. It is a solution. A powerful solution that you can take advantage of. Click here to make it happen.

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