February 19, 2023
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Bubble’s New Features: Expanding the Power of No-Code

Bubble’s New Features: Expanding the Power of No-Code

No-Code: More Powerful Than You Think

In the past, many people have wrongfully perceived no-code as just a simple alternative for small-scale projects. Despite the countless examples of no-code success, many people are still blind to the powerful solutions it provides. As we move forward in time, no-code development continues to become more robust, breaking down barriers and providing flexibility for anyone to enjoy. Bubble is at the forefront of this progress, and their recent announcement is another major step in the right direction. In this blog, Creme Digital will explore the two new features announced by Bubble (new security standards and Bubble for enterprise) and outline what this means for you and the no-code space at large.

Bubble’s Announcements

SOC 2 & GDPR: Bubble has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, a rigorous standard set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). This compliance signifies that Bubble's security practices, policies, procedures, and operations have been independently verified and meet the high SOC 2 standards, ensuring optimal protection of customer data. Additionally, Bubble has reinforced its commitment to data privacy by enhancing its GDPR compliance measures. This ensures that the platform aligns with the data privacy laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom, allowing users to confidently build and deploy applications that adhere to these data protection regulations.

Bubble for Enterprise:Bubble has rolled out its "Bubble for Enterprise" plan, meticulously crafted for expansive and evolving teams. This plan is a powerhouse, enabling businesses to streamline development, accelerate project delivery, and optimize costs. With this new plan, Bubble is effectively empowering large and growing teams to take control of development—whether that be through automating workflows, digitizing processes, consolidating tech stacks, improving operational efficiency, or even launching a new product. Of the many robust features that this plan offers, here are some of the notable ones: centralized account management, robust security enhancements, and a dedicated Bubble environment on a managed AWS infrastructure. This plan is a testament to Bubble's commitment for providing scalable, efficient, and secure no-code solutions for large enterprises.

To learn more about these new developments, click here.

SOC 2: Why Is This Important for You?

The integration of SOC 2 compliance into Bubble's framework marks a pivotal moment for its community of users. This recognized industry standard not only amplifies the platform's commitment to data security, but also solidifies its position as a trusted tool in the no-code development space. For businesses, especially those dealing with sensitive data, this compliance emphasizes Bubble's commitment to ensuring that user information remains shielded from potential vulnerabilities. As many large corporations mandate SOC 2 compliance for their software solutions, Bubble's announcement makes it more enticing for the broader enterprise-level audience to join in on no-code.

Bubble for Enterprise: Why Is This Important for You?

As outlined by Bubble themselves, the introduction of “Bubble for Enterprise” is not just about serving a larger audience. It is a testament to the platform's powerful capabilities and a clear message that Bubble can be used for “serious, performant, [and] production-grade applications.” One of the previous concerns with no-code was its eventual limitations to scale. Startups and entrepreneurs were worried that if their operations continued to grow, no-code platforms would no longer be able to handle their needs. However, this concern can now be put to rest. Whether you are a founder looking to scale your business or an existing enterprise attempting to improve your operations, Bubble can handle it all. This new development is a testament to that.

Final Thoughts

The no-code movement, once seen as a mere alternative, is rapidly proving itself as a formidable force in the tech world. Bubble's recent advancements, from achieving SOC 2 compliance to launching their "Bubble for Enterprise" plan, are clear indicators of this evolution. These strides not only validate the platform's capabilities, but also reaffirm the potential of no-code to revolutionize how we approach software development. For businesses, developers, and innovators, the message is clear: no-code is not just a trend. It's a sustainable, scalable, and powerful approach to building the digital future. As we continue to witness the growth and evolution of the no-code space, one thing is certain: the best is yet to come. If you want to capitalize on the amazing benefits of no-code, click here!

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