February 19, 2023
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Reimagining Airbnb With No-Code

Reimagining Airbnb With No-Code

Airbnb Background Introduction

Founded in 2008, Airbnb has emerged as a powerful force in society. Its unique platform has revolutionized the way people travel by providing an opportunity for individuals to rent out their homes, apartments, or spaces to those seeking accommodation. What began as a simple idea to help accommodate travellers has transformed into an ecosystem of 220 countries, 150 million users, and a $90 billion valuation. Airbnb is an amazing product. However, like anything, some features could be improved.

Reimagining Airbnb With No-Code

At this point, the power of no-code is evident, yet the stigma persists. Many people fail to realize the true capabilities it can achieve and close themselves off from its power. Through words, we’ve constantly described the potential of no-code. But now, we’d like to show you. Using Bubble, a no-code builder platform, we have rebuilt Airbnb with additional features that would be useful to the current product. Airbnb already has such a fantastic platform, but through this rebuild, you will understand what no-code agencies can achieve.

Product Specifications

As mentioned before, Airbnb has done a great job building its product. Yet despite this success, there are a few features that we wanted travellers to be able to achieve while using this app.

Group Planning: Airbnb is great for booking a solo trip, but things can get difficult when it comes to group planning. In an effort to combat this, we created a group invitation feature where individuals could like and dislike properties, split payments, and ultimately work together to book a trip.

In-Depth Preferences: trips can be unpredictable, and we wanted to ensure you are prepared. In addition to the amazing preferences Airbnb provides, we added elements like weather outlook so you know what you’re getting into.


Wireframes are essentially the skeleton of your product. In order to successfully launch your idea, you must map out each step of the way and ensure your design is pleasing to the common eye. Hiring an agency can be a helpful way of achieving this step. If you want to see some of our completed projects, click here. Below are some of the wireframes we created before developing the final product.

Using Bubble to Develop With No-Code

With all the specifications made and wireframes designed, it’s now time to build this product out. Rather than breaking the bank and embarking on a long journey of time through traditional development, we decided to create the reimagined Airbnb using Bubble. Bubble is a fantastic tool for non-technical entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and even large enterprises. If you’re looking to take action on an idea or accelerate an existing business, but aren’t willing to invest a burdensome amount of resources, let's get in touch!

The Power of No-Code

We hope our journey of reimagining Airbnb exemplifies the outstanding capabilities of no-code and changes your perception of this amazing tool. No-code development can reshape industries, disrupt standard conventions, and facilitate innovation. Whether you're a non-technical entrepreneur or running a large enterprise, it's time to harness the power of no-code and begin your journey of innovation.

Wrap Up & Final Product

To see the final Airbnb reimagined product, visit! Make sure to check out parts 1-3 of this series on TikTok!

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