February 19, 2023
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Swapstack: Another No-Code Success Story

Swapstack: Another No-Code Success Story

No-Code Success Stories Continue

As no-code development continues to expand, entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises are quickly learning the critical advantages it provides. Building with no-code empowers the creation of digital products while minimizing the investment of time and money - a true game changer for software development. As more and more people turn to this alternative, we are seeing countless success stories, all with no-code as the driving force. Whether it’s developing an innovative product, accelerating an existing business with an internal tool, or getting acquired by a larger company, no-code is empowering all kinds of amazing success. Swapstack is the most recent example of this. To learn more about other success stories, click here.

What is Swapstack?

Launched in 2021 by Jacob Schonberger and Jake Singer, Swapstack was built directly using no-code. Swapstack enables newsletter writers to monetize their publications in various ways. They provide pre-approved affiliate deals and sponsorship opportunities, essentially providing a new channel which advertisers can grow their company with. Simply put, Swapstack is making it easier for creators to monetize and for brands to find their perfect audiences.

Swapstack: Built With No-Code in Bubble

Swapstack was built entirely using no-code tools. Their minimal viable product (MVP) used a combination of Airtable, Zapier, and Slack automation. Their landing page, up until recently, was built using Webflow. Once they decided to build the actual product, Swapstack used Bubble, which they continue to use today. All no-code tools. When asked about the use of no-code during an interview, Jake Singer (Swapstack Co-Founder) said “anything that can reduce the cost of trial is going to be a net positive impact on entrepreneurship” and “the ability to validate business ideas is becoming approachable to anyone.”

Swapstack: Early Success

After building out their vision using no-code, Swapstack saw a ton of promising success. Within two years of creation, the product would achieve all this:

  • $20,000/month earned
  • 1000+ creators monetized with Swapstack
  • $2M+ Earned by those creators
  • 60 million readers reached per week

After an amazing run of success, Swapstack has been acquired by Beehiiv.

What is Beehiiv?

Founded by the team at Morning Brew, Beehiiv empowers you to create, monetize, and grow your newsletter with an all-in-one publishing suite. Thousands of newsletters, including The Boston Globe, use Beehiiv to power their growth and monetization. The company makes about $7 million annually and has raised $16.7 million in total funding. Swapstack will join forces with Beehiiv to build the world's largest and most sophisticated newsletter ad network.

You Can Do it Too With No-Code

Swaptack’s early traction and acquisition by Beehiiv is another example of how no-code platforms can empower innovation, growth, and success. As no-code development continues to expand, we can surely anticipate more success stories like this one. Maybe that next success story will be you. If you have an idea and want to get started, we’d love to help. Click here to get in touch.

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