February 19, 2023
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What you can build with no code: 8 use cases of no code app development

What you can build with no code: 8 use cases of no code app development

No code development has taken the digital app industry by storm in the last 5 years. Figures from Gartner suggest that no code will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity by 2024. 

New businesses may be hesitant to adopt no code because it’s relatively new, and people often assume that your capabilities with no code platforms are limited. However, no code and low code development have proven to build sophisticated apps that would give many traditionally -coded platforms a run for their money. 

In this article, we lay out examples of real applications built with no code and low code. Let’s walk through 8 of the many use cases of no code app development.

First off, what is no code development?

No code is a form of application development. As the name suggests, no code development allows platforms, tools, apps, and web apps to be built without having to write code. It is designed to expedite the often technical and lengthy process of developing an app.

Some benefits of using no code and low code include:

  • Speed: Complex projects are built in much less time than traditional programming
  • Low Cost: No code and low code development platforms are much cheaper to produce than traditional programming projects.
  • Build high-grade and quality complex programs: Although low code and no code are much faster and cheaper than traditional programming, you can still build enterprise-level platforms.
  • Minimizes risk and need for debugging: No code platforms are often connected to cloud technology that updates automatically. This reduces time and money spent on debugging, minimizing security risks, and updating programs.
  • Make changes easily: No code and low code platforms allow you to pivot and adapt to your audience easily, without big back-end changes that could take months and heavy resources with traditional development.

What can you build with no code?

1. Marketplace apps

With apps like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon dominating the tech space, the development of online marketplaces is becoming more and more common. In simple terms, a marketplace connects buyers (with demand for products) to sellers (willing to sell the products). The ideas for marketplace tools are endless. 

If you’re looking to create a new innovative online marketplace, no code or low code development might be the right route for you. The key to a multi-way marketplace is developing a product with thoughtful UI/UX for both the buyers and sellers.

Blocx is an online marketplace that connects real estate vendors to agents. At Creme, we used the power of no code to help Blocx build a seamless platform that democratizes real estate by connecting home sellers and agents in a single community. 

2. Learning management systems and education tools

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the rise of remote-first systems, online learning and digital educational tools have become important and popular platforms. Educational innovators have adapted by creating new ways to help students, parents, and educators engage with learning content through web applications. 

We developed multiple learning management systems, from an online dance studio, to an alternative learning platform for children in Australia, and even a nutritional learning tool to help women to improve their relationship with food. 

Complexity is not a limitation of no code development. No code and low code can help innovative creators develop educational tools and learning management systems in this ever-growing industry. 

3. Online community networks

Online community networks provide exclusive content and community learning to digital users across the globe. These platforms can host millions of users, videos, content, and learning tools. Online community networks require sophisticated digital architecture, sleek user interfaces, and agile upgrades to the site on a regular basis. 

A great example of a complex online community network built entirely with no code is Creator Now. This is a Youtube content community network, led by popular Youtuber Airrack, that helps thousands of content creators connect to other creators to learn how to make niche content for their area of interest. Creme used no code to help design and build this exclusive community that allows users to attend live workshops, 1:1s, and chat with fellow content creators.

4. Niche industry platforms

A huge part of modern day innovation means finding new ways to solve complex problems in any industry. Founders and entrepreneurs are creating digital platforms that address the needs of extremely niche industries. 

For example, we are working with a medical billing company to design a platform to help improve the experience of how doctors bill insurance companies.You’d be surprised, but the medical billing space requires an immense amount of data infrastructure, methodical UI/UX, and rethinking an entire industry with clunky user interfaces.  

No code and low code development are not limited by industry or niche. If you’ve got an idea for an app but don’t know where to start, no code development is a great way to get your complex niche product to launch on a more limited budget with limited timeline. 

5. Internal business tools

Project management tools are important organizational platforms that help keep your company efficient, especially as more businesses move remote. Perhaps your team needs something more customizable to your business, or you just have an idea for a platform that helps organize work. 

Plus Delta 314 is a change management system built entirely with no code and low code. Plus Delta is an internal management tool that helps small-to-medium-sized businesses implement and manage changes internally. Users can plan and communicate goals, desired learning outcomes, and manage approval workflows within the tool. This is a complicated and data-forward build that was developed in mere weeks with the power of no code. 

6. Financial tools and expense management

Budgeting tools and financial platforms are gaining popularity. Financial apps offer users new and modern ways to achieve financial freedom or manage their expenses.

No code platforms like have been used to build several exciting personal finance tools that give people the ability to pay off debt, manage their freelance earnings, track expenses, and more.  

For example, Qoins is a Bubble-built platform that helps users manage financial debt, pay off loans, budget, and reach financial freedom. Featured in Forbes, Nerdwallet, NBC News, and more, Qoins is a beautifully designed app that demonstrates a great use case for no code platform builds.

7. Rapid Prototypes

Have an idea and want to test it with real users, fast? No code has transformed the speed and agility of building platforms, software, and apps. You can create your prototype and test it with real users within weeks. 

Adding no code into your development process not only reduces time-to-launch, but also allows multiple business concepts to be user tested in a shorter time frame. That’s why no code has recently caught the eye of venture studios.

No code development directly impacts 3 major aspects of  the startup process: how quickly you can build and test a concept to a user group, how quickly you can iterate on user data results, and how quickly you can rebuild and maintain new concepts.

Looking to build a prototype for your business? Get your app built, tested, and optimized for your market within weeks or months with a no code agency.

8. Many more

The use cases we’ve listed above are great examples of diverse and sophisticated no code and low code builds. However, there are endless use cases for no code, especially as more and more agencies are pushing towards no code solutions.

Here’s a quick list of more types of apps you can build with no code:

  • Social networks
  • Browser extensions
  • Job boards
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Analytics tools
  • Sales tools
  • SaaS tools
  • Booking apps
  • Calculators and simple tools
  • Forums and review sites
  • Communication platforms
  • Any startup ideas
  • Your MVP

Get your MVP off the ground without code

If you’re a founder with an idea that you want to get running quickly, tested, and ready for launch at a fraction of the typical cost of development, no code could be a great solution for you.

At Creme, we can build an app for you in under two months at 1/10th of the cost of traditional development. There is no limit to your ideas.  We are hyper-focused on creating design-focused applications, optimized for the best possible user experience and product. 

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us here.

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